About Us

D-Color was founded a few years ago as a privileged partner of the already great D-Vision S.r.l., sharing its vision and spaces. The working method, the never detached approach to every project and above all the excellent quality of each fulfilment, made us proving that post-producting is not only a retailer of services for cinema and television, but it means choosing a partner to go though the often long and uneven road that leads to the creation of an audiovisual project.
Thanks to the trust placed in us by those who believed in this ambitious project, in less than ten years D-Color has relaunched by opening four office in Rome. The commitment we showed with the opening of this new headquarter is to say very firmly that the system we promoted so far is successful and is likely to work even better.
We are more convinced than ever that the road we took few years ago is the only viable today and that D-Color is not a only service company but a tool that makes the difference, and this depends on the need to define a profile tailored according to every requirements and the ability to support with confidence and responsibility anyone relying on us.


A team of technicians ready to implemet any post-production service.

Pierpaolo Gualà

Managing Administrator


Federico Belati

Post-Production Supervisor


Michele Saponara

Editor Department


Stefano Bari

Audio Departement


Selene Consalvi

Account & Administrator

About Us


We firmly believe that the key to making the most of every project is a solid organization of work, the right support by tools suitable for achieving the goals, and last but not least, the individual skills of a capable and trained staff. Anyone who cares about post-producting a project should demand it from his/her own technical partners.
This is our mission.